Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 Months

The twinnies were 3 months last week! (Slacko me)In some ways it's hard to believe they are that old already and in others it feels like it's taken forever to get to this point.

Most people I've talked to say 'just wait till they get to 3 months things will get a lot easier then!' and a lot of things are. they are sleeping pretty most nights, last night Poppy only woke up once for a feed that's never happened before, and their feeds are finally shorter than an hour. Woohoo!! but it didn't just click over to this age and suddenly get better, it's been a slow process, we still definitely have our days and sometimes it's a struggle to get through the next minute let alone an hour but we do. Anyway I'm glad we made it here and

This is what they're up to these days.

Noah is super active! He is always moving and kicking which is pretty much how he was in my belly. I can't wait to get him in a Jolly Jumper. I know he'll just love it! He found his feet the other day and was just staring at them as they moved. When I put him on his tummy he lifts his head right up and looks around. He is smiling so much more now and it's so adorable.

Poppy is a lot more quiet at this stage although when she's hungry look out!! She's got some lungs! Most of the time she is pretty chilled though and will just sit looking around at us with these big eyes, sometimes Jono and I just crack up laughing because she pulls the funniest faces without meaning to. She is so much littler than Noah and I have to keep putting her on her tummy to practise lifting her head but she is defiinitely getting better.

They both love the bath and the sling (thankfully) and most importantly they are both really healthy and developing well which is fantastic!

Aren't they just so smoochable! xo

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