Thursday, November 8, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Ok so after all my good intentions my computer has decided to be difficult and I have no Internet. Sad.
So please excuse the lack of posts for the moment, Hopefully we'll be back online soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 5 Things People Say About the Twins

I have found out that taking twins out in public can be an interesting endeavour. There seems to be a curiosity about multiples in general that people find facinating, myself included! and some of the things people have said or asked me are rather amusing if not a little inappropriate at times. 

These are five of the most common...

5. "Are they twins?"
I find this a little odd, I know Noah is bigger and all but seriously not 10 or so months (minimum) bigger!! Maybe it's their way of starting the conversation, but this is often followed by number three which doesnt make much sense to me. Anyhow  I obviously say "Yes". 

4. "Do they get along well?"
I never quite know how to answer this, I think to myself they aren't even one yet, what's to get along!? I assume they mean do they play well together, and as much as they can yes. They have just recently started laughing together over things i have no idea about.It's pretty cute!

3. "Are they Identical?"
I'm still amazed by how many people ask this question, i thought it was more widely known that they have to be the same gender to be identical. My answer is no, they are fraternal, basically just siblings born at the same time. Identical twins share something like 99% of DNA therefore for obvious reasons boy/girl twins cannot be identical. ( I don't usually say this out loud unless I know the person really well, I usually just politely say no.)

2. "Oh, she's got red hair! Do you think his will turn out the same colour?"
My answer: I'm not sure, he has a tinge of red in there but i think it's probably going to be blonder? I'm  thinking: How on earth would I know? He's practically bald! 

1. "You've got your hands full".  
Without doubt this is the most common thing people say to me, and fair enough, I guess that's pretty obvious,Though not super helpful when said as I'm trying to load two kids from pram to car, my keys and/or dummies in my mouth, and holding my trolley full of groceries with my foot trying to keep it from rolling away into someone's car.
Smile & nod Salem, just smile & nod.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where Have I Been?

I know, I know, the twins Are 10 months old and I haven't posted on here in I don't know how long. I honestly don't know how other mums do it, blog and clean and cook and look after kids and (sometimes) work. I guess something's gotta give though (this is what I tell myself anyway) and for me it's been this blog... maybe a spot of cleaning too lets be honest! 

Well I'm feeling the need to start afresh. I'm not promising a post everyday but I am going to try my hardest for at least 1 or 2 a week. I've even written a few in advance to make sure I keep myself to it! 

Sale xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Image here

It's my birthday on Sunday (I totally forgot about it until just this past weekend.Why do we do that as we get older. Sad!)but I'm super excited. I love birthdays!! 

 I love surprises too, but this year I know what I'm getting... An Ipad. I've wanted one since my sister came to visit with hers and I got addicted to Where's my Water. Honestly I will be more constructive with it than just playing games. 

 I'm a little excited though. I've never really been into technology much or really been interested, so owning something so up to date is a bit of a novelty. Gosh I'm a dork!

 If you've got an ipad what do you use it for? Any cool apps I should check out? 

Also I'm thinking of buying this case for it. Its sold out in the cherry red, my favourite, but i  don't mind the black.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 Months

The twinnies were 3 months last week! (Slacko me)In some ways it's hard to believe they are that old already and in others it feels like it's taken forever to get to this point.

Most people I've talked to say 'just wait till they get to 3 months things will get a lot easier then!' and a lot of things are. they are sleeping pretty most nights, last night Poppy only woke up once for a feed that's never happened before, and their feeds are finally shorter than an hour. Woohoo!! but it didn't just click over to this age and suddenly get better, it's been a slow process, we still definitely have our days and sometimes it's a struggle to get through the next minute let alone an hour but we do. Anyway I'm glad we made it here and

This is what they're up to these days.

Noah is super active! He is always moving and kicking which is pretty much how he was in my belly. I can't wait to get him in a Jolly Jumper. I know he'll just love it! He found his feet the other day and was just staring at them as they moved. When I put him on his tummy he lifts his head right up and looks around. He is smiling so much more now and it's so adorable.

Poppy is a lot more quiet at this stage although when she's hungry look out!! She's got some lungs! Most of the time she is pretty chilled though and will just sit looking around at us with these big eyes, sometimes Jono and I just crack up laughing because she pulls the funniest faces without meaning to. She is so much littler than Noah and I have to keep putting her on her tummy to practise lifting her head but she is defiinitely getting better.

They both love the bath and the sling (thankfully) and most importantly they are both really healthy and developing well which is fantastic!

Aren't they just so smoochable! xo

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twin Blogs

Image here

I've been trawling the internet for twin blogs and here's what I've come up with so far in case you're interested...

Baby Making is my current favourite, Becky is about my age, mum of twins and her post are really real and I find it encouraging to read about where she was at at the stage I'm at now.

Babies are Simple is another one I like. Their twins are just 2 weeks older than Noah and Poppy so it's cool to see where they're up to.

A site that brings lots of mums together to blog about their twins is How Do You Do It? You can read the old site here ( I like it better)

Another one is Cherry Menlove who has a twins section on her home and lifestyle blog. You can read up on her pregnancy week by week here. Warning: I only read this one when I'm feeling confident, she seems to achieve so much sometimes it's easy to feel inadequate. Just being honest.

I'm sure there are a lot more but these are my current reads. Let me know if you find any more!

Sleep talking?

I feed in bed of a night time for about an hour (still...I KNOW!) and when they have both nodded off i get Jono to take them one by one to put them down, partly because I can't move with my giant pillow and ensemble on me and partly because he has keeping them asleep after a middle of the night feed down to a fine art.

I think he's pretty great for getting up like he does but he doesn't always make the most sense at that time of night.

This was the conversation we had the other night.

Me: 'Jono, can you please put the babies down.' (Actually it's more like Jono... Joonno!...JONO!!)
Jono stumbles out of bed and starts smoothing out our bedsheets.
Me: 'What are you doing?'

Jono - as he spreads out the bedsheet; 'I'm going to wrap them'.
Me: 'That's the sheet, they're already wrapped.'
Jono: 'Oh'. He starts walking out of the room with his arm crooked like there is a baby there.
Me; 'Where are you going?'
Jono: 'I'm taking them back to bed'.
Me: 'I still have them here.'
Jono - Looks down at his hands: 'Oh'

And then we both crack up laughing. Ahh the joys of sleep deprivation. You gotta laugh.