Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sleep talking?

I feed in bed of a night time for about an hour (still...I KNOW!) and when they have both nodded off i get Jono to take them one by one to put them down, partly because I can't move with my giant pillow and ensemble on me and partly because he has keeping them asleep after a middle of the night feed down to a fine art.

I think he's pretty great for getting up like he does but he doesn't always make the most sense at that time of night.

This was the conversation we had the other night.

Me: 'Jono, can you please put the babies down.' (Actually it's more like Jono... Joonno!...JONO!!)
Jono stumbles out of bed and starts smoothing out our bedsheets.
Me: 'What are you doing?'

Jono - as he spreads out the bedsheet; 'I'm going to wrap them'.
Me: 'That's the sheet, they're already wrapped.'
Jono: 'Oh'. He starts walking out of the room with his arm crooked like there is a baby there.
Me; 'Where are you going?'
Jono: 'I'm taking them back to bed'.
Me: 'I still have them here.'
Jono - Looks down at his hands: 'Oh'

And then we both crack up laughing. Ahh the joys of sleep deprivation. You gotta laugh.

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