Friday, November 18, 2011

And now we wait...

Picture - Fullness of Joy

I'm heading down to Brisbane tomorrow for the long (perhaps not so long) wait. I'm kind of relieved in a way because once I'm down there I know if I go into labour It's only half an hour to hospital, compared to here where although they do have a hospital, they won't deliver twins and therefore I would have to drive 2 hours to another hospital. I know which trip I'd prefer!

On the other hand I'm going to miss Jono heaps. He still has to work for the rest of the school year so he'll stay here and If I go to full term it will be three weeks away from each other (we'll see each other on weekends but still...) This past week has been really nice, we've purposely been trying to spend as much time with each other as possible and making the most of this last week together as a couple before our lives completely change.

On a fantastic note, we were told by a midwife the other day that from now on the babies could come any time now and they would be totally fine. They wouldn't need to spend time in the NICU or anything! Obviously the longer they stay in the better but hearing that was such a relief knowing we've made it to this 'safe' stage. I honestly can't believe it as I guess part of me has always thought they would come super early or something. I'm very happy to be proved wrong though!

It's so hard to believe we've gotten to this stage and now comes the waiting game...

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