Friday, February 11, 2011

Travelling Adventures

On Saturday when we got to the airport we found out our flight back to Rockhampton was delayed over 6 hours!!! That's a first for me! It wasn't a huge deal for us as we were not in a any rush (though I felt for those with kids to entertain, that's a looong 6 hours!), in fact it was kind of fun, I love airports (flying is another matter altogether. Nasty!) so having spare time to explore was great! I checked out the shops, did word puzzles with Jono, watched planes land and take off, and watched people come and go, I am one of those people that imagines everyone has an amazing/romantic story about why they're there, and where they must be rushing off to! Don't judge me!!

The airline was great, they gave us a credit for our flight and about $50 worth of food and beverage vouchers. They were probably Jono's highlight... ok, I admit I was pretty chuffed too.

So many! Oh the possibilities!!

See, I told you he was excited.

We have a nice weekend planned, a relaxing one - my favourite!! Plus tomorrow night we have a pot-luck and board games night at the church hall. I LOVE board games so I'm looking forward to it!!

Have a lovely weekend. xo

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