Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holiday Re-cap Pt 1

Well Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Back to School/Work!!

As you can see I've been very good and blogged all the way through holidays...

Anyway here's a recap on what we've been up to, apologies in advance for the length.

We started off by heading north to Cairns my lovely best friend lives there and it was a perfect time to go see where she lives. We ate out for meals, saw BEAUTIFUL scenery (it reminded me of a scene from Lost), chatted up a storm, and even went and got a massage at the night markets ($15 for 40 mins - Bargain!!!). I must say though I couldn't live in Cairns unless you were allowed to walk around in the nude which on last check you still couldn't do... the humidity is unbelievable, but so very glad we could take a a wonderful trip and see wonderful friends.

Mucking around with some giant Jelly Babies

From there we headed down the coast stopping over at several family and friends houses on our way and finally landing at Jono's parents a few days before Christmas just in time for a family gathering. We spent a relaxing Christmas morning at the farm opening presents and had a casual lunch of cold meats and salads. Mmmm..

We then headed down to Brisbane loaded up with the morning's presents to my family's for dinner. My very talented sister was in charge of the table decorating, you can see what see came up with here. Dinner was again full of salads and cold meats (Oh I love Christmas!!) and TRIFLE!! I feel full just thinking about it!

As I am one of nine kids you can imagine it would get pretty expensive to by pressie's for everyone each year so one of our family traditions is to pick out the secret name of a brother/in-law or sister/in-law and just buy one present for them... much more affordable!... this is probably my favourite time of the day, we give all our presents at once and the next ten minutes or so are chaos and filled with "Ooo that's pretty! who bought you that?" or "Who did you have? I guessed you had her!!". I love it!! It's at these times when I like to sit back and just take a look at these people I love, everybody chattering and talking over each other and thank God for them and for keeping them safe for another year.

Till tomorrow then... I promise!!

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  1. Those Jelly Babies are allowed to be nude...I think you could give it a try!


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