Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 5 Things People Say About the Twins

I have found out that taking twins out in public can be an interesting endeavour. There seems to be a curiosity about multiples in general that people find facinating, myself included! and some of the things people have said or asked me are rather amusing if not a little inappropriate at times. 

These are five of the most common...

5. "Are they twins?"
I find this a little odd, I know Noah is bigger and all but seriously not 10 or so months (minimum) bigger!! Maybe it's their way of starting the conversation, but this is often followed by number three which doesnt make much sense to me. Anyhow  I obviously say "Yes". 

4. "Do they get along well?"
I never quite know how to answer this, I think to myself they aren't even one yet, what's to get along!? I assume they mean do they play well together, and as much as they can yes. They have just recently started laughing together over things i have no idea about.It's pretty cute!

3. "Are they Identical?"
I'm still amazed by how many people ask this question, i thought it was more widely known that they have to be the same gender to be identical. My answer is no, they are fraternal, basically just siblings born at the same time. Identical twins share something like 99% of DNA therefore for obvious reasons boy/girl twins cannot be identical. ( I don't usually say this out loud unless I know the person really well, I usually just politely say no.)

2. "Oh, she's got red hair! Do you think his will turn out the same colour?"
My answer: I'm not sure, he has a tinge of red in there but i think it's probably going to be blonder? I'm  thinking: How on earth would I know? He's practically bald! 

1. "You've got your hands full".  
Without doubt this is the most common thing people say to me, and fair enough, I guess that's pretty obvious,Though not super helpful when said as I'm trying to load two kids from pram to car, my keys and/or dummies in my mouth, and holding my trolley full of groceries with my foot trying to keep it from rolling away into someone's car.
Smile & nod Salem, just smile & nod.


  1. Love this Saley! :) If they do a number one, you need to dump a baby on them : )


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