Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Back!!...and with more of me than you thought!

Well it’s been a long time!!

There is a reason I have been absent from the blogosphere, It started off with me not being very well, like really not very well... vomiting and nausea and general under the weatherness (that’s totally a word by the way), all in all a lot of miserable days...and ended in us being told that we not onl
y are expecting 1 baby (we did know this already, in case you weren’t sure)... at 20 weeks pregnant we found out there are 2!! That’s right double! Twins! A Duo!

After laughing uncontrollably (to the radiologists amazement, and relief I might add) to me crying on and off for the next few days and wondering how we were going to do it all! Jono has been super excited the whole way along and his optimism must be contagious because I am quite getting used to the idea and the thought of only having 1 baby now seems not right.

We are so thankful to be given this gift and when I feel tempted to give in to those panic thoughts and start to get overwhelmed, I just look at pictures like these and think how blessed we are to be getting 2!

Pics here

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