Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five Things

I've been feeling a bit flat the last few days and missing people from home so I thought I would post five things that I'm loving about M (for privacy reasons I'll refer to where we are as M) to get me a little more enthused.

1. I love that you can get anywhere you want to be in literally 3 minutes! and double bonus no traffic, EVER!

2. I love that because of Jono's job he comes home mid afternoon and I get to spend more time with him!

3. I love that our house is about double the size of our previous one and we have heaps of storage!! (ok maybe not double but can you tell I'm excited about the storage!)

4. I love that with all this free time I've had I have developed a liking for baking, choc chips, brownies, pizza scrolls, muffins and cupcakes so far. I think I may attempt some fudge this week to give as neighbour christmas gifts.

5. I love that it' only 16 days until I get home!! (I couldn't help it,)

PS. This is insane!!

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