Thursday, November 4, 2010

The “Lasts”

My husband J and I have been meeting regularly with two other couples in a small group since the beginning of this year, which has been wonderful! We have loved sharing the journey with these guys as we go through similar things as young marrieds and share life together.

Last night was our last time of meeting together like this. We had a fantastic night filled with food, board games and lots of fun! I know I’ll see them again soon, some even as soon as today, but as I closed the front door after waving them goodbye the reality of what we are doing really dawned on me. Up until now the thought of pulling up roots and settling into a strange small town hadn’t really sunk in what with all the business of packing, fixing up last minute things on our house so it’s ready to be rented plus making sure we catch up with everyone we want to before we go, but now we are fast approaching moving day and I’m filled with more than a little sadness.

Because we are leaving...

...this coming week will hold the last Sunday we go to our church , my last day of work, the last night I lead at youth group, It will be the last time I sleep in our first little house, the last time I don’t have to drive 3 hours for a cheeseburger!

Now I’m frantically trying to slow down, to take my time, to make memories. This place that I have lived more than half my life in, where I have close friends and family, I belong here, this is where I fit. And I will miss it so so much!

But there are new things to do, new places to go, new adventures to have. And while I know I’ll miss this comfortable life I have right now like crazy, I really am looking forward to the challenge; I am excited to see the next step of our story unfold. Who knows what lies ahead...

so bring on the “Firsts”....

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  1. Oh Saley, you made me nearly cry! You write so nice...I know those feelings!! Will miss you! xo


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